The Chapel at Montville Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Richard Grenfell Photography

When you book a wedding at the Chapel in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland town of Montville they allocate a portion of time to do a "night shoot".

We slipped out of the reception area under Poets Cafe which is right next door to The Chapel. As well as it being a truly outstanding place to get photos it allowed Bec and Jeff to have some much needed alone time to soak up the enormity of the day.

We did an outside shoot that was awesome but we went inside and captured this image. It is great to get a photo in this iconic location when it is empty.

I love the design and also like the "vines" on the roof. For some reason it reminds me of that TV show Stranger Things but without the horror element.

It truly is a fairy tale location and I certainly can recommend it to anyone. Not only is it beautiful but the team that run the day are excellent as well.