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Sunshine Coast & Brisbane Headshot Photographer

Everyone needs a professional headshot

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. My philosophy for head shot photography is pretty simple. I aim to make the process efficient and enjoyable for everyone involved. I want everyone to enjoy the process instead of being a chore like when you get your driver’s license. I have found that if people enjoy the photo session it really shows in the photographs. I can come to your office, workplace or any location on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane.

Business & Corporate

For business people your headshot should be assisting your business and establishing your brand. If you are looking at this website you know how important your first impression is on your website, email signature or LinkedIn profile. I guarantee that I will create an image that you will be delighted with. I do this at your place of business in an efficient and painless manner. I understand that time is money.


If you are a musician or entertainer your headshot should be getting your foot in the door or securing bookings for you. This will set you apart from the competition and define your demographic. This is quite different than a business head shot. I will work with you to create your vision, craft your persona and get you noticed. When I played music full time, having a press kit on my website with professional photos set me apart from the pack and made me easy to book. In one instance it was the difference between me obtaining a residency on a Tuesday night and not getting that gig.


For professionals having an up to date photo with you looking at your best can be the difference of advancement or not. I am not overstating this. LinkedIn, Twitter and social media is fertile hunting ground for recruiters. It shows you take your profession seriously and are prepared to go the extra mile with a professional photo rather than a selfie from your phone. It simply makes you look better in the eyes of recruiters and employers.

Job Seekers

I sound like a broken record but a good photo of yourself along with a well prepared CV can help a young job-seeker break into the market. A picture says a thousand words. A good headshot can be the difference between getting to the interview stage. An employer with a pile of applications on their desk or in their inbox is going to be far more likely to notice the application with a photo that tells a story about the person they are reading about